How to Choose a good Online Conference

Not too long, good networking is key.

The key to a good online conference is to find one that is not too long and has good networking. Let us explain why.

First, if an online conference is too long, people will be bored and tune-out and do work. Even you will get tired of listening after about 4 hours. The perfect length is 2 to 4 hours for an online conference.

Second, if a conference just has presenters and no chance to interact with presenters or with each other, what's the point. Might as well watch a YouTube video. Instead a great conference has chances to interact with speakers and other attendees. My favorite are the ones where you can 'network' with someone random for 5 minutes at a time. It's really fun and a great way to meet people. I also enjoy when moderators make breakout rooms for 10 or 20 minutes.

So, where can you find these conferences and events? Right here at of course! In particular check out our huge collection of Technology Conferences and Marketing Conferences.