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NameAnthony Ameen
LocatedUnited States (Arizona)
Available InNorth America
Current JobKeynote Speaker | Author | CEO x 2 Wings For Warriors Foundation | Taylor & Lawrence
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Anthony Ameen’s life changed in an instant in 2008. And it’s been evolving ever since…

As a Hospital Corpsman, Ameen earned the nickname “Doc” as he embraced a culture of order and duty. His catastrophic battlefield injury changed the course of the life he envisioned, but Anthony eventually chose to view his new path as one that would be watered by the nurtured outflow of the adversity he had faced. His experiences, though challenging at times, allowed him to see potential for change and fueled an entrepreneurial spirit within him, which led to his creation of the non-profit Wings For Warriors.

Under Ameen’s leadership, the non-profit organization matured from an idea to a nationally-recognized foundation that aims to advocate for the holistic and spiritual needs of veterans, first responders, and their families. As Founder & CEO, Anthony personally counseled more than 5,000 veterans and helped launch Wings for Warriors outlets in 30 different cities across the country.

It quickly became clear that the grit, determination, perseverance and leadership capabilities “Doc” channeled in the military served him well in civilian life as an entrepreneur, an advocate, and a nationally-recognized public figure. He is the face and the lifeblood of Wings For Warriors, and with that brings invites from national media outlets, speaking engagements at large-scale events and sponsorships earned from Fortune 500 companies.

Along the way, Doc turned his focus into co-founding and building Taylor & Lawrence, a boutique consulting firm that specializes in serving the Department of Defense (DoD), and Healthcare industries by unearthing strategic business partnerships for increased performance and quality patient care.

Ameen’s past continues to fuel his future. And, his story provokes anyone listening to realize they have not fully tapped every ounce of their potential. Anthony addresses his successes and pitfalls through his emotional and physical recovery in an uncommonly honest way, all while holding his listeners internally responsible for the changes they need to make in order to grow. Ameen’s story incites change, triggers action and spurs productivity. And, perhaps most importantly, it plants a seed of accountability.

When he isn’t traveling for speaking engagements, Anthony spends time with his wife, and their four children, at their home in Phoenix, Arizona.

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