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NameBonny Valentine
LocatedUnited States
Available InGlobal
Current JobCertified Life/Christian/Leadership Coach Scope 3 Inc.
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Compelled to empower individuals transitioning in various phases of life, especially those who are struggling to get out of Life's Stuck Mode. Bonny has always been supportive, boosting self-esteem, and encouraging others to accomplish their goals of getting to the next level in life. No matter what obstacles she faces, she constantly applies what she learned through the Word of God, that she was already an overcomer. Bonny will share and teach others about the Grace of God and how grace operates when we understand, believe, and apply the Word of God in our lives.

She has provided interventional skills working with children, teens, and families within the school, community and in-home. Bonny has worked with adults, children, and families as well, coaching them as they worked through mental challenges and recovery issues and learning to overcome condemnation, strongholds, addictions, and abuse.

Bonny has earned her degree in the MA program Human Service Counseling; cognate in Marriage and Family. Bonny shows her love and compassion for everyone, volunteering at the local shelter, and being a trained victim advocate for children and women.

Bonny is a vibrant, illuminating, and a divine Motivator/Coach. Activating and charging the atmosphere with her wisdom, knowledge, and years of experience, Bonny holds nothing back and is known as a deliverer to those who hear.

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