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NameLorean Cairns
LocatedUnited States (New York)
Available InGlobal
Current JobCo-Founder And CEO Fox & Jane Salon Group
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Lorean Cairns is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fox and Jane Salon Group, Skin Habit, and Little Lion Salon. Her projects employee over 150+ members in 3 different states and 2 countries. Lorean leads the charge in coaching/mentoring her companies through development of dynamic Leadership systems, Managers and Executives. With nearly a decade of entrepreneurial experience and seven years as a wildly successful CEO of Fox & Jane Salon Group, Lorean Cairns can comfortably say that the secret to her success is deeply rooted in her ability to establish a company culture. From the moment you join the team you are deeply aware of what is means to be a Fox, it's more than just a job...it's a way of life.

Lorean's affinity for leadership has lead her to her newest endeavor sharing her vision for Culture Development in her new book, Culture Fox, and speaking across the country at industry events.

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