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NameRikki Smith
LocatedUnited States
Available InNorth America, Australia & New Zealand, ...
Current JobSpeaker, Author, Trainer, Coach
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Rhonda “Rikki” Smith is an innovative pioneer who believes in the value of learning, growing and sharing life experiences to enrich and inspire the lives of those in our sphere of influence and beyond.

Rikki is the founder and Chief Training Officer of Stratus Training and Consulting, LLC; a training management company providing soft skills training for managers and employees. Rikki’s strength manifests through her unique ability to use her business experiences to understand the knowledge and skills her clients need to increase their performance and productivity.

Rikki has worked in various positions in Homeland Security, hospitality industry, Home health care, and Health care insurance. She is also a Military Veteran serving in the U.S. Army as a communications specialist. Rikki holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management from Park University, and is an avid volunteer in her community.

Rikki is an inspirational, motivational speaker with an emphasis on transformational living. Her weekly social media posts; Faith on Friday is a source of encouragement, humor and challenge to those who see it.

Rikki enjoys reading, working out and playing golf. She has been married 20 years to an Army Veteran, she is mother to four adult children and grandmother to two grandsons.

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