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NameScott Kujak
LocatedUnited States
Available InGlobal
Current JobMotivational Speaker/Podcast Host/Boxer Underdog

I share Rocky Balboa stories. I am a podcast host and boxer who inspires my audience to 'Fight Like Phil' and finish their underdog story by sharing life-altering stories from the Underdog Podcast and from inside the boxing ring.

The show is centered around interviewing people who have overcome extreme adversity to gain a wiser perspective on life. The podcast began when my college football teammate and best friend was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer. The way my friend chose to fight cancer day-in and day-out until he passed after a two-year fight inspired me to face my own obstacles with the same courage and optimism. Since the launch of the podcast in late 2017, the show has produced over 70 episodes. The episodes contain stories of:

• Amputees,

• Entrepreneurs,

• WWII and Iraq War Veterans

• Former drug addicts

• Famous athletes, even Superbowl Champions

• Champions of extreme weight loss

• Victims of racial abuse

… And, those are only a few categories.

In January 2019, I published my first book, Underdog – True Stories of Overcoming Adversity, which features 10 stories from the first 40 episodes of the podcast. The book has inspired many people so far.

I am also the 2-time Defending Heavyweight Boxing Champion of Austin, Texas and I love to incorporate the lessons that I've learned in the ring with my audience.

Are you looking for a speaker that can motivate your audience to persevere through life’s obstacles? If so, let's connect.

I look forward to collaborating with you and inspiring your audience to unleash their own underdog spirit.

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